America’s Best Trout Streams

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Reporter Guide to America's Best Trout Streams. Each of our state fly fishing guides includes an interactive Google map detailing access to the best trout streams, real-time USGS stream gauge data and information on how to fish each stream. Click on a state map or link below to start your journey!

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Fly Fishing US National Parks

Many of the National Parks in the US offer excellent fly fishing, in particular for trout. If you are interested in exploring fly fishing in our National Parks, check out our national park fly fishing guides listed below.

Fly Fishing Featured Destinations

There are a few regions in the US that are better defined by geography than state lines or park boundaries. Fly fishing guides we have available to some of the more infamous fly fishing destinations are listed below.

Renown artist and conservationist, Karen Talbot, has married her fine drawings of fresh and saltwater fish with a favorite pastime of many anglers – drinking beer! What could be better than enjoying Karen’s amazing artwork while sipping your favorite brew. Now you can with Angler’s Pint glasses. Angler’s Pint Glasses The Angler’s Pint is a…


Fly fishing has a way a revealing ones true self. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not so good. In , James Hurley reveals some of our hidden flaws through the story of Benedict Salem, a frustrated writer and teacher looking to find himself. A lifelong fly fisher, Benedict picks up and moves to a small… North Park Anglers and Joey Macomber of Lateral Line Media take us into Colorado’s North Park in search of the elusive “butter bean”, aka brown trout. Nestled in a million acre valley near the town of Walden, Colorado – North Park is home to some of Colorado’s finest trout streams including the Illinois River,… Max Rhlulen, a talented young filmmaker and photographer, shares a year’s worth of fly fishing adventures with his friends on some of Colorado’s blue ribbon trout streams and lakes. Destinations include Williams Fork, Colorado River, South Platte River, Upper Bear Creek, Chicago Lakes and many more. Enjoy!
 Today being Mother’s day swarms of Caddis flies are coming to a river near you, are you ready? Gilbert Rowley from FlyTying123 is here help you out with an excellent foam body caddis pattern in this fly tying video tutorial. The great thing about caddis is their awesome abundance from now until late fall…. In 1974, Montana did something that stunned anglers across the state and the nation: it stopped stocking trout in streams and rivers that supported wild trout populations. After decades of use and millions of dollars invested, hatchery production was not helping, and in fact was the leading cause of the collapse of the fishery…. Aimee and Chase from Tight Loops managed to get a couple hours away from work to enjoy the beginnings of springtime in New England. They set out to find native Brookies, but hooked into a couple fish they weren’t expecting, or prepared for! If you enjoyed this video, consider helping Aimee and Chase pursue… If you are wondering how to make knotted pheasant tail legs, you are in luck since Davie McPhail is here to show us how. Of course if you are not (pun intended) up for tying a few hundred mini-knots with a tweezer, you can just buy pre-knotted pheasant tail for $3.00. You can get… This is a great all-round dry fly pattern which will represent a Hawthorn, Gnat and Adult Midge..It is worth tying in a smaller size as well and instead of CDC as the wing a pearly flash can be used. Materials Used Hook: Kamasan B160 size 14 Thread: Uni-8/0 Black Body: Small or Micro Black… Joe Cummings, owner and operator of Classic Journey Outfitters and Missoula River Lodge, documents the 4-day pursuit of a beautiful 21-inch brown trout on the Bitterroot River in Missoula, Montana. Visit our Montana Fly Fishing Guide for more on fly fishing in Montana. Enjoy! In this episode of What Would Hank Do (WWHD), Hank Patterson shares his profound thoughts on the proposed Pebble Mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Snap It! Hambone! Now that there is funny! In this fly tying tutorial, Tim Cammisa discuss the procedures and techniques to tie the Biot Stonefly Nymph, while also giving an overview on stoneflies. The fly in this tutorial is variant of Scott Sanchez’s “Biot Stone” and Curtis Fry’s “Twitchy Chicken Stonefly.” By combining key elements of both, the Biot Stonefly Nymph is… Tim Cammisa provides a mini-dissertation on Scuds and demonstrates how to tie an Olive Scud Nymph in this fly tying video tutorial. If you fish limestone or ‘Spring’ creeks where scuds are prolific then you’ll want to have a good supply of these nymphs on hand. Aside from showing the materials and methods for… Spring Fishing on Rapid Creek has been spectacular, as well as all throughout the rest of the Black Hills area! Dry Fly fishing has been nothing short of fantastic. Get out while it’s good! Filmed and Edited by Ryan Gabert Music – Mystery Pills “Fashion Forward”