[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/7033656[/vimeo] In tonight’s Friday Night Fly Tying Video, Rich Strolis shows us how to tie a Blue-Winged Olive (Baetis) flymph, a cross between a wet fly and nymph. Why Baetis Wet Flies Work Baetis are one of the few mayflies that lay their eggs underwater. For this reason, Baetis wet flies are often effective during…


This week’s Friday Night Fly Tying Video is brought to us by Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter who shares with us his guide fly pattern imitating a Baetis Mayfly Dun. Easy Baetis Mayfly Dun Pattern I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like easy to tie guide flies like this…


Davie McPhail demonstrates how to tie a Baetis cripple in this fly tying video tutorial. Baetis Cripple The cold hard reality of the life of a Baetis fly is that many of the poor mayflies never make it to adulthood. Rather they die while struggling to break free of their nymphal shuck or through the…


Wow is all I can say about this Baetis emerger pattern by Rich Strolis of Catching-Shadows Guide Service. Rich has been on fire lately cranking out one beautiful fly pattern after another and this mayfly emerger pattern is no exception. I will definitely be tying a few of these up this weekend getting ready for…


Baetis nymphs are a bit like Superman on Kryptonite when it comes time to emerge. Rather than swimming to the surface like a bat-out-of-hell they just float to the surface buoyed by a layer of gas beneath their exoskeleton. Trapped by surface tension they float just below the water surface before popping their wing case…


In this installment of the Friday Night Fly Tying Video, Juan Ramirez takes us through tying his Glossy Back Baetis – one sweet looking fly. Hip-Hip-Hooray for Baetis Yes folks it is that time of the year when water temps are starting to edge up toward the 40F mark (at least in some parts of…


Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator Online shares with us three variations of a Zebra Midge in this short fly tying video. Super simple yet highly effective patterns that will help make your winter fly fishing more productive.


Craig Mathews released his first fly tying video this week – on YouTube that is. Welcome aboard Craig! Madison River Zelon Midge Craig walks us through tying a simple midge fly pattern, or at least Craig makes it look simple, that is reportedly a killer on the Madison River this time of year. The Zelon…


Ok, so I couldn’t find a video of a Wooly fly so a Woolly Bugger will have to do. This version, one of probably a 1,000 or more woolly fly patterns out there, is presented by Scott’s Virtual Fly Tying. I like Scott’s fly tying videos because he gives you the recipe for the fly,…


A great collection of traditional soft hackle fly tying videos by Whiskey Creek Flies, including this classic Partridge and Yellow soft hackle fly pattern.


A Vladi Worm of course! Developed by Poland’s Vladi Trzebunia this worm imitation works awesome as an anchor fly when using a multi-fly Czech/Polish nymphing rig. (Click here to watch the fly tying video)

One Strange Fly

Ok, this has to be one of the most interesting flies I’ve every seen. I know fly tiers are a resourceful bunch, picking up road kill, shopping at craft stores, making flies out of pipe cleaners (that’s another story) but condoms as a fly tying material?

Ingenious Fly Pattern

Once you get over the fact that this trout fly pattern is made from a condom you’ll realize it is a pretty clever design and well suited to High Sticking or Euro style nymphing. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It is a large fly so you can weight the heck out of it – great for fast water.
  • Slim profile and smooth exterior cuts through the water – gets the fly down fast.
  • Rides inverted in the water so it doesn’t get hung up.
  • Latex construction makes it bounce off rocks which add to the action of the fly.

Looks Like Bait and Fishes Like Bait

This fly just looks like something good to eat. If I were a big fat brown trout and food was getting scarce (like it does in the winter) – I’d eat it! I have not actually fished the Vladi Worm yet, but I know a lot of guys who do and they swear it flat out catches trout like nobody’s business. It is on my list to tie this winter.

Where to Buy the Vladi Worm

Ok, if you are not too keen on explaining to your wife or girlfriend why you are buying so many condoms (more than she can account for) but are interested in trying the Vladi Worm don’t worry. You can get them online at vladiworm.com. The internet will never cease to amaze me.

If you do try or have used the Vladi Worm drop us a line using the comment box below and let’s us know how it worked.

Enjoy tying these and have a great weekend!

p.s. Be sure to check out our Fly Tying Video Gallery for more interesting and fun trout fly tying tutorials.

p.s.s. You might also check out Loren Williams Vladi Worm fly tying tutorial. Loren is a Fly Fishing Team USA member and fly fishing guide extraordinaire who know a thing or two.

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(Click here to view video on YouTube).

Continuing with our Czech nymphing theme of late, Oliver Edwards shows us how to tie a true Czech nymph in this two-part video.

Slim Profile, Heavily Weighted Nymph

A slim profile and tightly wrapped body are characteristic of a Czech nymph and help minimize resistance in the water enabling the fly to sink quickly. The flat, sticky-backed lead tape shown in the video is a great way to maintain the slim profile yet still heavily weight Czech nymphs.

(Click here to watch video on YouTube)

More on Czech Nymphing

For more Czech nymphing patterns check (pun intended) out our Nymph Fly Tying Video Gallery. Also, stay tuned as we continue our mini-series on European nymphing techniques including Czech nymphing, French Nymphing and Spanish Nymping in the coming week.

Have a great weekend!

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(If you can’t see the video player click here to view video)

Alain (a member of the Trout Predator Online) ties an olive brown Czech nymph on a size 10 Knapek G hook. This nymph represents the rycophilia larva, a common green caddis in the Northeast US. In spite of its heavy weight, this fly style possesses a slim profile due to its construction methods.

[caption id="attachment_623" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Caddis Larvae"]Caddis Larvae[/caption]

Czech Nymph Materials List

– Size 10 Knapek G hook
– 7X monofilament outer rib
– Small holographic gold tinsel inner rib
– Light olive 1/8in scud back
– Olive brown dubbing blend
– Medium flat lead
– Olive 70 denier thread
– Black permanent marker

The Czech Nymphing Craze

There’s been an explosion of American interest in this highly effective european short line nymphing technique. If you would like to learn more, Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods by Karel Krivanec, the first book translated into English on the topic, covers all facets you need to know including how to tie over 150 Czech nymphs, tackle selection, leader construction, fishing techniques and strike detection methods.

More European Style Nymph Patterns

If you enjoyed this pattern you can find more european style nymph patterns, including a Polish Woven Nymph, in our fly tying video gallery. I’ve been having great success using these euro nymphing techniques and flies this season. Let me know how you have been making out.



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Here a nymph, there a nymph, nymphs everywhere! You’d be smart to start fishing and fly tying nymphs, too! Why Nymphs? Well because nymphs are everywhere and guess what, nymphs make up the majority of a trout’s diet – a vast majority. It’s been said 90 percent of the time trout feed below the water’s…


Davie McPhail demonstrates in this fly tying video how to tie the famous Goats Toe, an excellent Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout pattern. Goats Toe Material List Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10 Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0, black Body: Peacock Herl Wing: Peacock Neck Feather Tail: Wool, red Ribbing: Wool, red Enjoy!


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Davie McPhail demonstrates how to tie a Caddis Nymph Pupa in this fly tying video tutorial. Caddis Nymph Pupa Material List Hook: Kamasan B110 or Mustad CO68 or TMC 2457 Thread: Monocord 3/0, Orange Underbody: Flat Lead Tape Body: Adult Seal dubbing Legs: Partridge Thorax: Peacock Herl, dyed Orange Ribbing: Plastic ribbing Enjoy! p.s. [easyazon_link…